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About OSR Medical

OSR Medical provide tailored first aid & medical cover for all types of businesses and events. With specialist staff to assist you in all stages of planning from risk assessment to deployment, OSR Medical can provide cover for any type and size of event, within the north of England.

To further help your business comply with current legislation, OSR Medical can also provide regulated first aid training for your business.

The first aid training courses that OSR Medical provide are Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) qualifications. These regulated first aid courses are certified by First Aid Awards Ltd, regulated by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), approved by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and approved by The Office of Standards in Education (Ofsted) .

When you choose OSR Medical, you will benefit from competitive rates and also the highest quality training. Furthermore you will receive most noteworthy training that is especially relevant to your business. Our first aid training courses are delivered by an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated team.

The facts according to the Office of National Statistics: 

In 2015, approximately 25% of all deaths were from causes considered avoidable, (that’s 119,485 deaths out of 529,655 Deaths). 

• There were also significant overall increases in the avoidable mortality rate for respiratory diseases and injuries.

• Cardiovascular disease accounted for 43% of all deaths from conditions deemed amenable to healthcare.

• The North East and North West of England had the highest avoidable mortality rates in 2015.

• Males accounted for almost two thirds of avoidable deaths in children and young people.

OSR Medical's Mission:

OSR Medical's mission is to improve the survival chances of casualties by providing first class medical cover at events and regulated first aid training courses for businesses and the public.

OSR Medical's Values:

  1. Promoting effective communication and relationships.
  2. Promoting respect: We will treat all our patients, colleagues and customers, with the same respect we’d expect to be shown ourselves.
  3. Maintaining confidentiality of information.
  4. Promoting and supporting individuals rights to dignity, independence,empowerment, choice and safety
  5. Acknowledging individuals personal beliefs, identity and respecting diversity
  6. Protecting individuals from abuse
  7. Providing individualised care through a holistic approach.
  8. Taking responsibility and be accountable: We will make sure we take responsibility for our actions and react quickly to lessons learnt along the way.
  9. To deliver our services effectively, care alone is not enough. We care for our patients and staff with compassion and empathy, we listen intently to those whose lives we touch, so that our provision is considered to be above and beyond the call of duty.
  10. To strive for excellence, innovation and always do our best. We will learn and constantly innovate wherever we can by embracing change to enhance the services we provide. .

To see how we are different for other training providers and how our Laerdal Little Anne manikins work, check out the video!

At OSR Medical, we use the latest equipment to ensure you and your team are getting the best quality training available. We use The Laerdal QCPR Little Anne Manikins.

In November 2017 the Little Anne manikin had a major upgrade. Our manikins have QCPR feedback technology. This helps us improve CPR training quality, efficiency, and learner engagement.

The Little Anne manikins are lightweight and are ideal for CPR training with a realistic head, facial and airway features; anatomical landmarks with realistic 'feel' and have audible features to reinforce correct compressions.

Little Anne QCPR uses Bluetooth Smart technology, connecting with tablets and smartphones to deliver QCPR measurement and feedback to ensure our learners get the most out of our training.

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