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Free CPR & AED Courses

Educating as many people in community as possible, on how to preform CPR and confidently use an AED, is one of OSR Medical's goals.

We can proudly announce that we have recently confirmed a training space to allow members of the public to learn this life saving skill.

This course is a simple 2 hour course, designed to allow the learners to gain confidence in using an AED and preform CPR in a safe and comfortable way. With our qualified instructors, training is easy to learn and gives everyone the support they need to learn at their own pace.

The units and headings covered in this 2 hour course are:

Module 1 Introduction to defibrillation

Coronary Heart Disease Statistics

CHD and the Heart

Basic ECG Awareness

Ventricular Fibrillation

The Odds of Survival


Module 2 Primary Survey


Checking for Danger

Assessing Levels of Consciousness

Opening the Airway

Checking for Normal Breathing

Contacting the Emergency Services


Module 3 Resuscitation

Why do Rescue Breaths?

Chain of Survival

Current ERC Guidelines

How to Perform CPR

When to Stop CPR

Issues with Resuscitation


Module 4 AED Functions & Use

Different AEDs

Defibrillation Procedure

How an AED Works

Chest Preparation

Voice Prompts

Pad Placement

Shocking the Casualty

Recovery of the casualty

When Not to Use an AED

CPR & Defib combined

We are working with the Harrogate Road Methodist Church, to provide a great training space, with parking, to provide these free courses. To find out more about theses courses click here.



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