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Do you know where your nearest AED is?

YAS Save A Life App


Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) NHS Trust is launching a life-saving app which maps all the 1,288 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) across the county.

The Save a Life app tells you the location of your nearest AED and provides cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) guidance in the event of someone suffering a cardiac arrest.

The application is designed to make members of the public aware of their nearest AED, as well as highlighting communities which don’t have a life-saving device.

A cardiac arrest occurs when a person’s heart stops pumping blood around their body and to their brain. The earlier a patient can receive CPR and a shock from a defibrillator, the greater their chance of survival.

As well as storing the details of the 1,288 AEDs across Yorkshire, the application contains videos which demonstrate how to carry out CPR on adults, children and infants, along with a myth-buster section that dispels the most commonly held misconceptions about the risks of attempting CPR. The location of each AED on the map has been verified by Yorkshire Ambulance Service and the date of verification included so users can see when it was last checked.

To download the free application, click the link below:


Save A Life - iOS

Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust


Want to volunteer in your community?

Become a Community First Responder with Yorkshire Ambulance Service!


The Community First Responder (CFR) scheme is a life-saving partnership between Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust (YAS) and local communities.

As authorised volunteers for YAS, Community First Responders form teams located in communities across Yorkshire as part of a wider initiative which aims to help reduce the number of pre-hospital deaths in Yorkshire.

New recruits will join hundreds of volunteers living in local communities across the region who are trained to provide life-saving treatment to residents in their area in the vital first minutes of an emergency until YAS ambulance clinicians arrive.

YAS is committed to providing the high quality services to and care to all those living in, or passing through, Yorkshire and this initiative undoubtedly helps to achieve this.

To find out more visit their website by clicking on the link below:


Yorkshire Ambulance Service - Community First Responders


Would you know what to do in a terrorist incident?

Citizen Aid - Be Prepared Not Scared!


CitizenAID's aim is to empower the public to take immediate action and save lives when there are multiple casualties.

They are a UK registered charity with a focused mission to prepare individuals, communities and organisations to help themselves and each other when there are casualties from a terrorist or other deliberate attack.

They do this through their free application and on-line familiarisation videos, their Pocket Guide, and their education materials for both adults and children. 

To get the free app, click the links below:


CitizenAID - iOS

CitizenAID - Android



Is there a trained medic close to you?

GoodSAM - A community of lifesavers


Operating Internationally, GoodSAM (Good Smartphone Activated Medics) is the world's most advanced emergency alerting and dispatching platform. The application allows alerters to dial the emergency services, and at the same time notify nearby medically qualified responders of a medical emergency. By alerting responders of an emergency, GoodSAM connects those in need with those who have the skills to provide critical help before the emergency services arrive.

To download the free alerter application, click the links below:


GoodSAM - iOS

GoodSAM - Android